— 1 ​About Us


ONDyTEC 2018 S.L. is committed with the development, manufacturing and commercialization of sustainable technologies applied in the textile industry.
The company is located in the European Business and Innovation Centre of Alcoy, where it has the laboratory and the technical office.


Ana Herrero

Antonio Solé

Carlos Vicens

Corina Vidurrizaga

Pau Moltó

Javier Francés

Lidia Montero

Lorena Mateu

Shiley Villalobos

Vicente Carchano 

— 2 Dyes


With ONDyTEC a new concept of sustainability is born. The valorisation of PVB recycled resins, extracted from the windshield of scrapped vehicles, along with natural pigmentary dyes, allows the obtaining of high added value sustainable textiles. We are creating a new concept of textile circular economy. Contact us if you want to participate in this new concept.   

— 3 Ultrasonics


ONDyTEC is achieving the adaptation of the ultrasonic technology in textile treatments processes. 

space saving



saving water


energy saving

The main advantage of this ultrasonic technology applied to textile processes lies in its efficiency, allowing a considerable reduction in the needed resources for a correct washing. The new system reduces the size of the equipment, reduce the water and chemical products necessity and reduce the energy consumption because allows a low temperature process. Therefore, this technology provides an important improvement in terms of costs and environmental impact.  

— 4  Equipment


We develop laboratory equipment to cover specific necessities of our clients and focusing in the easy of operating.

Negative ion emission evaluation system in textiles


Differential pressure breathability evaluation system of textiles 


Bifunctional padding system for dyeing and finishing textiles.

Stress control system for stenter process

— 5  Laboratory services


Ultrasonic washing Sonochemistry 
Negative ion emission measuring 
Thermographic measurements 
Martindale testing of fabrics Fireproofing testing of fabrics 
Colour fastness testing 
Light fastness testing 
Pad-dry and blade coating applications on textiles Textile air breathability testing 
Spray test 
Hot melt applications 
Digital printing
Transfer printing 

Our laboratory is equipped to offer services of small-scale sample. 
We also manage certified testing in the best laboratories at international level. 

Research and development projects

ONDYTEC actively participate in the main funding programmes for innovative companies that need financial support to boost their developments